Falling in love with a client

Falling in love with an escorts client is something they prefer to avoid. But you know as they say, love is found in strange places. Read a story about one of our escorts who fell in love with her client.

Birmingham escort who fell in love with her client

Falling in love with a client is something that all escorts try to avoid. In general, we manage to change roles and become the persona we work as successfully. We are able to separate our work lives from our private lives. Although the only problem is that sometimes it happens. The only thing we are supposed to fall in love with is the money. In general, this is how it goes for the majority of escorts. Of course, there are moments when we become attached to our clients. Maybe attached is not the right word. Perhaps, affectionate is a better way of saying it. When we have regular clients who treat us well. It is only normal to feel some kind of affection.

I had been working as an incall and BDSM escort for about three years when I was booked by an absolutely gorgeous man. He did not want to book me for the sexual services I offered. He was only interested in chatting initially. He didn’t even want to see me naked. Unlike a lot of clients who like to chat whilst I’m in my underwear or less.  He was the most respectful client I had ever had. After a while, we started ‘dating’. They were paid for dates obviously. Once a month he would book me for a dinner date appointment. The other occasions we were together become more and more intimate. When the time finally came for him to want to have sex with me it felt completely different than when I was with the other clients. We had built up a relationship and had connected on a different level.

I had learned that he had been in a loveless marriage that had ended because his ex-wife had had an affair with his best friend. The reason why he didn’t really want to employ my services for sex was because he had lost all confidence in himself as a man. He needed affection from a woman and also to talk to somebody who wouldn’t make him feel so bad about his situation. He admitted that he had never booked me on any of the occasions so that he could have sex with me. Although, both of us agreed that it just felt like a natural progression.

I felt guilty charging him for my time, even worse whenever we had sex. It just felt immoral with him. No other client had made me feel like that. It was a business transaction and I was just doing my job.

Five months after our first appointment I realised that I had fallen in love with my client. Escorts don’t do that. I tried to put an end to it by trying to persuade him to meet with other escorts. It didn’t work. He was actually devastated at the thought of going with other escorts. What I didn’t realise is that he felt the same about me as I felt for him. I no longer enjoyed him paying me for my time. So, I gave him my telephone number and we started dating in a real relationship.

That was five years ago. We are now planning our marriage and our life together. I absolutely adore the man who was once my client and who will soon be my husband. I still work as an incall escort. Although I am studying part-time at college for a new career. There were many times when I considered leaving the industry. I am so glad that I decided to carry on. If I hadn’t I would ever have met this wonderful man.